Sunday, July 24, 2011

Herbert. Remember it!

Sitting in the kitchen of a lovely couple, Ron and Kate. Letting a hardy breakfast settle and great conversation brew. How did we end up here? Great question. After another 130km day we roll in to a quaint little town with food on our minds. At what multitasks as a Chinese restaurant and everything else eatery, Kate befriends us, offering a spot in her garden for us to sleep. We had our eye on the local campground and decided to check it out first before accepting the local hospitality. A short, yet heated, argument over the price of a couple of tents, by the train tracks no less! Encouraged us to revisit Kate's generous offer. A few laughs, great conversation, a funny movie (a luxury on this trip) and the recognition of kindred spirits.

Walking around the house you would notice inspiring phrases like; Live, Laugh, Take the gentle path, Talk much, and Happiness. All quotes I view as important in my own life. I have no doubt we were meant to meet these people. Ron, soft spoken, sharp witted, shared his enduring battle with a multitude of cancers. Upbeat, no complaints and eternally grateful for what he has. He is an inspiration for me and should be for anyone going through the hardships of cancer.
A beautiful day, a full belly, and a re-appreciation for what I have. We set our sites to the Eastern horizon, is that Manitoba?


P.S. We are still accepting donations. Just follow the links on the donation page. It's quick, easy and helps make a world of difference!

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  1. Thank you for saying such wonderful things about my parents.. They are amazing people and would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it... I hope that you raise the money that you need and I hope that all goes well in your life. You sound like amazing people yourself... Safe journey.... Tammy