Tuesday, August 30, 2011

To where we go and how we get there.

Your three intrepid heroes; C-Dog, B Money, and I, Joe Fresh, have planned our escape from Toronto. With a Patriotic eye cast at our nations capital, we set our tires for go. An apparent yellow brick road is yet again laid at our feet. The sand trails of the TCT keep echoing in my mind. Water Front Trail to La Route Verte is rumored to be a cyclists dream. With such a great ride behind us. Starting at Velorution, a unique bike shop with an emphasis on community, we sailed to TO. The rest of the almost 4000 km left in our journey East look quite promising. Crossing a province every few days will also be a great moral boost.

Once again, people continue to surprise us. After rolling in to Espanola far to late, we were stuck for a place to sleep and appealed to the local EMS unit for a spot in their back lot. Not a moment hesitation on their part and a gracious offer of water and toilet, really made our night. Thanks again Zach and Nick!

And a final, and huge, thank you to our host in " The Big Smoke", Bobbi Dedman! We feel recharged and ready to hit some more hills. 


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pics of Ontario so far

More Here , Here and Here

Currently in Sault Ste. Marie at an awesome place called Velorucion. Will post about it soon

Friday, August 12, 2011

Tunder Bay [sic]

We have been traveling in Ontario ( ie the center of the universe), for the past week. We have seen more and had more challenges than all of the prairies. With a hill every twenty feet, narrow shoulders seemingly at random and construction behind every turn, it has been exciting. After a much needed day off in Thunder Bay, we are preparing for bigger challenges to come. Evidently, all the hills we have been hitting haven't been big enough ( I think they have been). After hitting the half way mark across Canada, it has been easier to see the finish line. With such foresight we are able to re-think our gear. Leaving the uncertainty of B.C., and the bleakness of the plains, we can now discard most of the non essentials. A glorious day to be sure. Less weight also means less broken spokes, which I have busted two of already.
We start heading east again after our day off. I think I am going to enjoy cruising by the Lakes for the next while. Who knows, I might even get cell service again.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Half Way Or Bust...

We have passed the half way across Canada mark! Only a few.. thousand... kilometers left. On the bright side, cruising through the prairies has put us back on schedule. We are maybe an hour away from the Manitoba and Ontario border, and couldn't be happier. The plains, though flat, were quite boring. With that boredom came a few records for our trip. We passed the 150 km traveled in one day mark. Also, we reached 55 km/hr on flat ground (with a "slight" wind at our backs). As well as, most amount of water lost from extreme heat.
We would like to thank Simone, our lovely host in Winnipeg, who put us up for a couple of days so we could rest and get a few things fixed up. And with that a thank you to Christine for for putting us in contact with Simone and swinging by on her way to Ontario.
We are looking forward to Ontario. More hilsl, yes, but there will also be more scenery!