We have decided that with the internet making donating to charities so accessible that we will be fundraising for the Canadian Cancer Society. We understand that a lot of people's lives are affected by cancer and anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.
We have registered and created a page at Reach for a Cure, a program created by the Canadian Cancer Society. Please Consider clicking the link below to make a donation to our team.

Life On a Rim (Reach For a Cure)
 We will put a banner here when we get permission
(All donations $20 dollars and over will receive a tax receipt)

Please note that you can donate to the charity by clicking the link above. Unfortunately they do not take PayPal donations. However, you can use the PayPal link below to help us raise money for any unforeseen issues that may arise on the trip. Injuries, theft, etc. This will not be touched unless absolutely needed and any money that has not been used will be donated to our charity. The same will be true for cash donations. Please be aware