Friday, April 29, 2011

A beginning

Donation have started coming in. Very exciting! We are looking into getting a counter up and running. It's funny what you don't think of till it's thrown in your face. Every new thing added makes this trip that much more of a reality for me.

I read a a quote today that really summarizes the mentality of this trip for me. " Life starts at the end of your comfort zone". With most of time spent on the road and just off in tents. We will definitely be out of our comfort zone. What better way to honor all the people we have lost and/or are now suffering with cancer then to attempt to live life to it's fullest. Though we haven't left yet, I am going to try and challenge myself in my daily routine.

The Challenge Begins!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Joyful Soreness

I have been biking to work regularly. In an attempt to break in my brooks saddle ( seat). I was surprised the first time I hopped on my new bike how comfortable the saddle actually is. A few klicks still have to be put on to get the seat sculpted to my butt. When it is though, I will be riding in luxury.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Bikes!!!

We all had our bikes together so we decided to bring them out and snap a couple quick pics. Of course the urge to get on them kicked in and we went for a quick spin to get the feel for them. It was the first time Joe and Bobby had been out on their LHTs and the smile on their faces was awesome to see. It's amazing how a bike can instill that kind of feeling in people.

Their bikes are largely complete and trip ready, unfortunately I have a lot to do with my Masi CX. I crashed it awhile ago and it left the front wheel warped. It also broke my front brifter, so I have to get that dealt with. I'm thinking of switching over to bar end shifters and throwing a triple crankset on. Also, getting a Brooks saddle for good measure.

Anyways, figured we would give you an update, everything is coming along great. More Pics Here