Saturday, June 4, 2011

After a tough start in Nanaimo, horrible rains on the way to Tofino, there have been a lot of bright spots on the trip thus far. A great hill climb coming into Port Alberni.......... then my back rack falling off on the downhill on our way to Timmy's, which is still yet to be properly repaired (I did my best with zap straps), not great but manageable The highways were frightening on the way to Tofino, but the gelato in Ucluelet more than made up for the traffic that seemed to be mostly made up of porsches. The ocean waves were incredible on the Tofino beaches......... the wind however made playing Frisbee there a challenge.

Courtney was great getting to visit with Dean and Kelly before their pending nuptials in July, thanks a ton you two! We appreciate all the hospitality you showed our merry band of misfits. The ride to Victoria actually was much easier than expected, although we were not pushing ourselves all that hard. A wonderful couple took pity on us in Chimaneus where we spent the night on a beautiful ocean bay, in what they referred to as a cabin. I saw it as a Taj Mahal of sorts, our oasis in a time of need. Thank you to those who opened their hearts and home to us that evening. Mill Bay was a neat experience where we met a very nice elderly gentleman who informed us that we need not go over the Malahat (a nasty road on the way to Vic with a horrible climb on an almost no shoulder again). We took the ferry he suggested and feel great about the trail he had mentioned we should try. It was both beautiful and flat, so thank you random sir. The past couple of days spent in Victoria have been awesome with sunshine, pretty ladies and of course SUSHI! All we could eat and a three hour stomach ache later we recovered just fine. Absolutely fabulous! On our way back to Van tomorrow, not looking forward to leaving this great city but more adventure awaits..............Stay tuned.........................please =)

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