Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We arrived in Summerland............ barely. After a game of chicken on a dirt/gravel road going downhill I found out that using the brakes on my bike is a terriffic idea! Too much speed and the lack of using said brakes ended up with me meeting the edge of a cliff and finding out that even a weighted down bike can catch some pretty good air! The bike faired a little better than myself, although the right side of my body is scratched up pretty good our spirits remained through the roof and we had an amazing day of riding. I found a great hiding spot behind a bushy tree, enough so Joe and Cody could only see my bike at the crash sight...........hahaha. We ran into some pretty amazing people in front of the local ice cream shop who offered us their basement for the evening so we ended up celebrating my survival at the local pub. Summerland, it seems is the capital of amazing people in BC and we would like to thank John and Marcie for all of their fabulous hospitality! Great ride, great people, great fun. Much more to come stay tuned for more exciting adventures..........................please. haha

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  1. Wow Summerland! When you look at the distance you guys have traveled on google maps that's quite the ride!
    Good job by the way Bobby! LoL!
    Did you guys get any pictures of this cliff?