Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Life Keeps Getting Better

While relaxing in Kelowna I was wondering why I don't live there. Both tents set up backyard styles. Justin, our gracious host, gone for the weekend. We lounged on the "shitty" beach. Played 27 holes of Frolf. Life is going just fine, what a province.
We have seen more bears then we can shake a stick at, some even in stick range. Eagles, fish, marmots( a.k.a. Giant Gophers!), snakes (some with rattles), smelt many a skunk but have yet to see one...hmmm and several infestations. Taking the road less traveled is usually slower, but offers far more then any highway will give you.
We couldn't have made it this far with out the amazing kindness from strangers. After conquering the double summit coming out of Hope, Stephan and his lovely family gave us their camp site for the night and a fire to warm our drenched bones. Rolling in to Summerland John And Marcie shared their house and a fridge full of beer while swapping stories of adventure and travel. In Kelowna an old friend insisted we stay at his place and in Rock Creek a new friend to me, an old one to Bobby makes us feel at home. Perhaps it's our tired eyes at the end of a long day of travel, or perhaps Canada truly has the nicest people on the earth, or just maybe we smell so bad they believe they are humanitarians by offering us a shower! In any case we love them and the more people we meet the better this adventure gets.

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  1. Pics or these "nice" people don't exist...
    I can't believe how you guys luck out so often with all of these nice people. I hope you guys continue to have this great luck.
    Hey Joe, in 2 weeks I'll be going camping all by myself just like you did. If you can make it to Little Elbow in Kaninaskis by then you can stay at my camp site.