Sunday, September 11, 2011

The boys have made it to Montreal. The land of the flowing poutine, the smoked meat sandwhichs, where the consumption of beer in parcs is normal, and everywhere one looks...there are foxy foxy ladies....and of course me, the lil Jess! Yep these boys sure do smell. I wouldnt have it any other way. Being on the road for monthsssssss and stinking up my house with their stench..ya i get it. they are allowed to be smelly.  I strive to provide Joe with a smile on his face at all times, and following this i hope cody and bobby laughed lots too!  I hope this short wee visit has refreshed them and to give them that lil extra uuump to get back on the road and head east east east!   Now get the fuck outta here or as joe would say...gtfo.  

love ya guys thanks for the visit that was clearly waaaay too long and yous overstayed your visit....

 and for peoples who know me(Jess) and joe...there will be a fight to our deaths in 2 years. Joe has challenged me...and i will prevail and eat his heart....please stay tuned!

oh and mali says.....i woooooveeeeee wOOooOooOOOooooOos

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  1. Bahahahaha! They certainly do stink! Hopefully Joe starts wearing antiperspirant again once he's home... *hint hint honey*

    Bon Chance! xoxo