Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sitting outside the maritimes

Having breakfast with my two favorite travel companions. Okay, my only two travel companions. Looking out the window at our 7th province to conquer, New Brunswick! 6 provinces in 4 months. The last 4 in 2 weeks. No Problem. We took refuge in a motel last night to gain the strength for our last leg of the trip. Really I would call it a sprint. With no more days off till we hit Newfoundland we could be there by the end of the month. With the finish line almost so close I can taste it, about 1000 km's left, my wary legs have new vitality. The hills look less hilly, the road not quite as long and the air sweetened with the smell of the Atlantic.

One final advantage, crossing the bridge to N.B. also means we will once again be able to understand those around us. As well as, gain a little more information from the picture books, also known as "news papers", as English will once again become the dominant language.

With a look to the sky and hope for blue sky's and a tail wind, we ride.



  1. Well it's just about time to come on back brutha's. What a wild ride it's been...looking forward to hanging out again.