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Monday, May 30, 2011

Across the Island

We have made it to the west coast of the island! Took a little bit longer than anticipated with the varying levels of fitness amongst the three of us, but we did it. Highway 4 is a pretty intense highway to travel and we weren't anticipating how sketchy it would be. No shoulder, tons of blind corners and hills...lots of them. It was a pretty intense training ground. Anyways, we caught a ride with a friend to Courteny, because we didn't see a point in cycling the route twice.
Anyways thanks to our friend we have some steady wifi so we could make a post. Just need to figure out why we can't map our route. but, that is a problem for another day.
We will be leaving here in the morning to cycle to Victoria. Malahat here we come.

It's JCB,Joe, bobby, Cody...pervs
More pics here

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