Friday, June 3, 2011


We have conquered the island! With our training ground finished we will head for the mainland. I now feel comfortable on the road and with the added weight to my ride. Mountains on the other hand, still suck. We have spent two days in Victoria. Enjoying some rare sun and the last we will see of the coast for the next 5 months.

Interesting note. Vancouver Island has gotten the most rainfall in recorded history this year.

A quick shout out to Sally and Mike who opened up their homes to us. We stayed in an awesome cabin overlooking a beautiful bay loaded with eagles and herons. Amazing and gracious.

Next stop. Van City and a butt load of mountains. Whoo mountains!

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  1. We were pleased to host the team, but Mike and I were too tired to have a social time with you, and if I am a good judge, so were you. I hope that you all have a safe and successful journey and are able to keep the energy level high and steady. Biking across Canada is a secret retirement dream of mine so I will enjoy following your journey. I only wish now that we had visited a bit, but so nice that you enjoyed our little Heron Cottage. I was wondering where you all are from? Here,s to peddle power, Mike and Sally Steeves, Chemainus B.C. P.S. We have biker family in Ottawa, sister and nephew's very active in the Ottawa bike club, they may be able to help with lodging, just let me know. Congradulations on the Island acheivement.