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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Now we are cooking with bacon grease. Mmmmmmmmm bacon.

We have finally hit our stride. Alberta will take us a total of 7 days of riding. Alberta-Saskatchewan boarder milestone hit! We had another proverbial summit. A 130km day ride in plus 40 degree heat, 55 degree radiant heat, no shade and boiling water in our bottles. If we can make it through that without wanting to quit, we aren't going to quit! 
It's been wonderful crossing Alberta. A great turnout from friends and family. Such good food. Sooo much bacon and other deliciousness. Great support, and even more donations! My friends at ACS ( Allied Container Systems) have shined through with even more donations to our cause. The lovely ladies in Wardobe helped us out with a modification to a much needed tarp. I'm thinkin' of midday siestas, in the shade, to beat that relentless heat.
Thank you to the Hogg and Parks families for putting us up and feeding us like kings, and thank you mom. It was great to see you!


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